About us & Houses

We started years ago with offering you the chance of spending time in a small adjoining house with its own balcony, terrase and garden.
This was the birth of Casa de las Flores. Ideal for 2 maximum of 3 persons.
We (Martin & Barbara) are a semi retired couple from Germany. Having lived and worked in the UK we got infected by the "English gardening bug" a very common variety there.
The garden expanded, to include trees, flowerbeds, a veggy patch and a small nursery. Not to get bored, we bought a nearby ruin and lovingly restored it, turning it into a luxurious holiday home. This was the birth of Casa do Polo. Ideal for 2 couples or 4 persons in two apartments rather then just bedrooms

Gardens Shop House

Visit the gardens of Mer. English styled gardens in the Ribeira Sacra. Please call ahead for an apointment.

In our small shop you can see a selection of flowers, garden implements and local art, homemade produce from our gardens - jams - honey -

Why not spend a couple of days in our well apointed holiday house directly above the shop (opening 2022) and next to the gardens.
Mer is a typical galician village with more cows than inhabitants. The perfect place to relax, walk and explore the stunning nature around us.

In A Vilerma @ Casa do Polo you are completely on your own. Privacy behind the inner walls, ample space and light and the nearby stunning viewpoint of Santiorxo invite you to explore but also relax.